Thursday, December 17, 2009

What a howl

I <3 Houndstooth. LOVE IT. And apparently so do all the highstreet shops...isn't that convenient?

Topshop, £39, £40, £41

Schuh, £59.99

Dorothy Perkins, £8 (for those rainy days)

*sigh* I do love houndstooth...

Seasons Greetings!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Talking about a chain reaction

So you may have noticed that chain print is temporarily finding itself on all the cutest tops, skirts and dresses out there. Personally, it's got my vote

Now for an uber-quick post on all the best chain pieces out there with 'Asos' taking gold (woot woot give it up for asos people!) =

Asos, £35

Asos, £40

Asos, £40

Asos, £45

Asos, £32

Topshop, £25

Miss Selfridge, £15

New look, £14

That's all folks, SMOOCHES!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Sorry to all those Christmas haters out there looking at this with actual real live tears in their eyes...I know that Christmas is a bit of a hot topic at the moment but if you don't like it there isn't much you can do but emmigrate or join in with the festive fun :) Do you ever play ' If I had a million euro/dollars/pounds/yen'? Let's play that now. I'll go first!

If I had million euro I would immediately buy the following outfit to wear Christmas shopping:

Snappy 80's coat, £50 Miss Selfridge

Ostrich feather skirt (!!), £85 Topshop

Lace tee, £25 Topshop

Two-tone tights (like the girl in the new 'Fame' film wore when she was dancing and I was proper confused because I couldn't figure out why she was wearing tights for some shots and none for others...then I discovered that she was wearing these two tone beauties), £8 Miss Selfridge

Too-cute-for-words heels, £70 Topshop

Cameo brooch, Miss Selfridge £10

Studded purse, £18

It's kind of ironic that I have to go shopping for my Christmas shopping outfit (or is it coincidental? I can never tell the difference). So THATS what I'd do with a million euro straight off and I'd still have lots of change leftover...I'd love to know what you'd so don't hesitate to tell me!


Kisses kisses kisses