Friday, October 30, 2009

A little black lace and you're set for tonight

Happy Halloween people! I used to adore this time of year - I remember once my friend Sally and I did this countdown till Halloween. I can remember writing in my diary something along the lines of "omigosh omigosh 41 days to go". That was one of the best Halloweens ever because my friend dressed up as a table (randomest costume ever) composed entirely of cardboard. It also had to be the one year that it rained. In the end, she had to run inside in the middle of Trick or Treating and frantically find some sort of a costume, which resulted in her looking like Zorro in cat form. EPIC.
So this evening I was up in my room trying to find something to wear tomorrow cause me and my bestie have decided to screw age restrictions and go trick or treating ... I mean its free food! In the end I found this gorgeous (if I say so myself) Black silk and lace dress from a designer called Sugarbeb√© that I purchased in TK maxx around this time last year for only €24. It’s got a rounded neckline and a big silk bow, and a layered lace skirt. Am thinking of calling it a witch costume?
Well after finding the dress it got me thinking along the lines of black lace. Personally I am not into the whole gothic swathed in black leather and lace with a pale face combo so many have going on but I am willing to make an exception on Halloween. What are really in right now are those black lace leotards, just like the one Cheryl Cole wears in her new video - which is annoyingly catchy btw.

So I made it my aim to find some budgetish leotard for those of you lucky enough to have a Cheryl Cole flat stomach...

< This is from Kate Moss's collection at Topshop and to be honest I’m not too big on the strappiness of it and at £30 (€45ish) for a bit of lace I'm less than impressed. Another problem I'm sure I'm not the first to encounter the lesser known fact that Topshop's Kate Moss collection seems to be designed with ELVES in mind cause us normal sized people who occasionally like to indulge in a jammy donut are left panicking in the changed room over burst seams...

< I actually really like this leotard though it’s a tad too lingerie-y if you get me. I do appreciate the velvet bodice that hides yer bra. £25 (€35ish) which is better value than Kate Moss's. Me likey.

< Again, Topshop (sorry) but my favourite of the three. While it isn't technically BLACK lace (try plum) I like the long sleeves and makes me feel all Christmassy inside :). Priced the same as previous leotard.

* Topshop also has some gorgeous little velvet or studded leotards for those of you not so into the whole lace thing

< Next is an a|wear find and while it isn't technically a leotard it should be easier to use the bathroom while wearing it so there’s a plus side for you (sorry for un-romanticising fashion). €30 so it's up to you to look into your piggy bank and decide how bad you want it.

< Another non-leotard. Now I'm starting to blush. Its just that this one's pretty cheap at €19 and when tucked into your skinnies has the same effect as any ol' Topshop leotard. So THERE. It's from Oasis who have one or two other black lace tops but this ones the nicest.

< Marks and Sparks - only £10 (€15ish) and comes in pink, light blue, purple, cream and some other unditiguishable colour. TOP TIP: Don't make like this lady and actually wear something under it.

< Anyone else's breathing becoming irregular? Any one else IN LOVE right now?! Omigosh find of the century ... I <3 this leotard. Miss Selfridge, £18 (€30ish), officially MINE.

So I'm reaching into my bag of fairy dust and wishing you all the most wonderful Halloween experinces tonight. As for me, I'm off to stand outside Miss Selfridge and wait till it opens.



  1. I can't imagine how I would ever wear it out, but YES TO THE ASYMMETRICAL ONE!