Thursday, November 5, 2009

I officially love velvet.

Ok so it's been a day since my last post and just to clarify, I do have a little bit of a life, but I'm sure that other bloggers will agree that once you start posting it's really really difficult to stop. Kind of like a meth addiction I guess? So my new object of affection is...wait for it...velvet! I was watching an episode of Friends (the once where Rachel and Monica's heater breaks and they're having a New years party...crazy stuff!) and Joey dated a lady that wore this amazing blue velvet wraparound dress with an elaborate silver brooch that looked the absolute shizzle. Of course she was about a size six with flaming red hair but they’re just minor technicalities.

A few shops this season have plenty of velvet goodies to offer while others are, for want of a better word, pretty crap. Topshop is in the lead today (where did it all go wrong Miss Selfridge?!) and I would actually contemplate getting leaving school and taking up full time work to afford some of the stuff...

< Doesn't this make you feel all happy and giddy inside? It's fairly simple but it is such a flattering shape and to be honest a lot more wearable then most of the leotards I usually get excited about. However not much of a bargain at £60 in Topshop. Should I? Shouldn't I? Just imagine teaming it with this Egyptian style necklace I saw for €5 in Penneys... it's decided. I totally should.

< It's scarlet. It's velvet. It's a leotard. This is like Christmas '09 and my sixteenth birthday ALL ROLLED INTO ONE! At £28 in Topshop I am tempted to take up ballet just so I can do pirouettes on stage in this awesome little leotard. I love.

< I feel so naughty 'cause this is my THIRD Topshop choice but I think it can be agreed that this jacket deserved a mention. It's a kind of slashed velvet but unfortunately the picture makes it look like it’s made of cut up bin bags. £150 so if you are in line to a really big inheritance or are the heir to the Belgian throne, go wild with this jacket.

< Who knew such a treasure lay in the WebPages of! A 'Beyond the Valley' piece (who have also done some crazy ass knits) that has stolen my heart and wrapped it up in it gold and velvet goodness. £95 is pretty steep, but those lions are FIERCE.

< This dress is just so darn pretty. I'm a sucker for heart shaped necklines so for me this dress can do no wrong. And at £45.00 for something I can imagine myself pulling on for every second Christmas social gathering, so it's not bad eh?

< I can totally imagine Michelle Obama wearing this's so classy and elegant and VIP. I'd imagine if I was wearing it my chances of getting into wine tastings and art auctions would be tripled. It's £60 in Monsoon and I got to say that it looks worth every penny.

< The decision is all yours here with this Carin Wester dresses. Personally I like the yellow one best because Big Bird was always my favourite Sesame street character. I just adore the details on the arms but am slightly deterred by the fact that they’re £415 in Urban Outfitters which is money that I think I will leave in my college fund. However, I shed a tear for what could have been.

< Ok, this is really mean of me. Whoever is reading this is probably tearing their hair out in fury over my overly enthusiastic love for Topshop clothing. I'm sorry, and I hope your hair grows back. I couldn't help myself though; cause its dusty pink velvet. I repeat, DUSTY PINK VELVET. That is explanation enough. (£28)

No doubt I will get over velvet soon enough, but for now I recommend you wear it head to toe, bring it into every conversation you have and make a minature non-creepy shrine to the wonder that is velvet at the back of your wardrobe.



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  3. Love the slashed velvet jacket! Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog!