Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Let's give it up for Levi

Everyone I know has denim in their wardrobe. From my 87 year old great aunt to Mr. Obama, they have at least once in their lives pulled on a pair of blue jeans. Lately I have had a lovely warm corner in my heart for all things denim and luckily, so have all the high street shops. I did a little online tour and sourced all my favourite denim bits and bobs about.

< First up is this AWESOME little body leotard from Miss Selfridge (which is a shop that has really come through for me this season). At £35 (about €50?) it is edging towards expensive but I mean if only to bring a smile to your face every time you pull it out of your drawer it would be worth it. The Miss Selfridge website pairs it with a fugly pair of black trousers but I personally would team it with a red cape and call myself wonder woman...

< Another Miss Selfridge item (it's becoming an obsession) but not one of my favourites. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that leopard print has been overdone lately but I'll make one tiny exception for this dress it has a quirky neckline and I think underneath all my leopard print distaste I have a secret love for it. On sale for £20 - reduced from £40 - so whaddaya think?

< These are a Topshop find which I love because of their high-waistedness. Also the studs are so chic...I really must so an entire post on things with those super cute ball studs. At £35 pounds I think they're worth it but unless you’re prepared to wear tights with them I suggest you emigrate to somewhere like Spain.

< If I went to an American high school and I did gym, this would so be my gym bag. Its £26 in American Apparel, which is a shop I love, despite its crazy ass prices and the fact that the majority of the clothes there are made of Lycra. Finger's crossed Penneys will copy this design...

< As much as I love denim leotards and gym bags, you can't beat a pair of blue jeans. I usually buy a really good pair, wear them until they are threadbare with ragged ends and permanent MiWadi stains and then turn them into shorts. DIY style right there! These jeans are €60.00 in Warehouse and tick most of the boxes for me which is really good fortune 'cause I am way picky over what jeans I wear, resulting in hours of trying-on sessions in River island's changing rooms.

< I thought I'd finish it up with another sneaky Miss Selfridge choice (obsession!!) but this one is quite casual and optimises an 80's flashback. It would be really cute with a bodycon dress beneath but I have to you against wearing it with a pair of jeans in the exact same wash - you wouldn't believe how many do it. Blech.

*the curtain comes down*

Toodles <3


  1. Love the leotard! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!