Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My precious...

I ADORE GOLD. It is my favourite colour. Yeah it's out there, yeah it's occasionally tacky, but I love it. The only problem with it is that it is so easy to wander off from your cosy spot in the 'lovely tasteful and exquisite gold shizzle' into the well-disguised 'tasteless gold tat' spot. I guess some of my gold ensembles are hit and miss, but because I'm only fifteen, I can blame it on my youthful ignorance or whatever. Though I would never, ever wear a full gold suit.

Man, Elvis looks so cool. Okay, maybe I would wear that...

So if you detest gold with every fibre of your very being LOOK AWAY NOW because I have gathered all my favourite gold stuff on this very post;

< Ahem some people may say that this Monsoon dress is borderline tacky but those people are krr-azy 'cause I love the statementy qualities of it. It is guaranteed to do two things - to turn heads at parties and to blind motorists. If you can pull off this dress (that means no streaky fake tan and dodgy hair extensions) I salute you. Can't you totally imagine a sunkissed goddess sitting on a cloud with a big stick ordering this online for £225?

< This is much more my kind of dress - I can imagine strolling into all the 2009 Christmas parties in it. The only flaw is that while I wear it, it will be the only thing I will be able to talk about..."The weather? That reminds me of the dress I am know it was €45 in Awear. Oh, I already told you that? Twice?"

< Warehouse. Ninety seven Euro. So cute! However it is rather short so I'd have to do some leg-toning exercises for my thighs to be in peak condition before zipping it up...

< Oooh I want this skirt so bad. Maybe it's just the model wearing it, but it looks so flattering. When one day I work in an office, this will totally be my 'casual friday' outfit. £36 in American Apparel.

< It's decided - tomorrow afternoon I am getting on the bus to town and begging the salewoman in American Apparel for a job. They stock so much of my favourite colour! Isn't this top so freaking awesome?! £44...I MUST HAVE IT.

So that concludes my (little) gold online search...if you hate 'em or if you think there's something even more fabulous out there let me know...if not I'll presume you love each and every piece as much as I do :)



  1. These outfits aren't really my thing but golly I sure do love your blog!

  2. LOL "It is guaranteed to do two things - to turn heads at parties and to blind motorists." I think I look sickly when I wear yellow golds (my skin has yellow Asian undertones... I think), but I could totally see a huge gold skirt with tulle and a black velvet top for holiday parties. YES OR YES?