Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleigh bells ring...

I absolutely 100% ADORE Christmas. I am most definitely one of those annoying people who get all hyperactive when Argos plays their Christmas ad in September and I totally get a tingly feeling in my tummy when I see men with beards that look like Santa (don't worry at fifteen I have figured out that he is fictional). So this year I have an aim. Not my usual aims like the one I made last year to learn the entire thriller dance routine, no an extra special aim. To get a Christmas jumper! Here's an example of the kind I would like:

I AM INSANELY JEALOUS OF COLIN FIRTH RIGHT NOW. Thing is, it’s really really difficult to find the perfect Christmas jumper complete with bobbly reindeer and snow flakes. Either I take up knitting or I burgle Colin Firth's place I suppose.

Merry November to all!


  1. i am in LOVE with that movie, i was so sad when my mom refused to let me take our only version to school with me

  2. i love christmas too my son is 12 in feb and going to secondary school in sept'10 he still believes its so great but it will be the last year.

  3. i'm so glad your going to do an article. the email is there is a link on the blog. i know the e10 voucher isn't much but you could get a top or a bag or some jewellery. thanks again d

  4. i loooove this movie, i've always thought bridget should become an icone :))

  5. It's so funny that you posted this picture.
    A classic fashion-movie moment!

    PS. Thank you for the very, very sweet comment.