Sunday, November 15, 2009

That's not my name

Look what I just found in Topshop! New in! Tehe I feel like I've just eaten a couple of Wham bars and a two litre bottle of Spar brand cola ... this is what happiness feels like!

It's a NAME jumper! Phwoargh! Designed by Emma Cook - £50 (pullover) and £70 (cardigan). Now if you're the forgetful sort *cough me cough* this kind of thing will be extremely handy for remembering names of people you were introduced to but didn't really pay attention to the important stuff they were saying like um their name. I think I prefer the red one because I'm more of a cardigan person and red is christmassy :)

I'm going on a shopping BONANZA (isn't that a fabulous word I should use it more often) next weekend cause lately I have been saving and saving which means I have been going around giving everyone on Grafton street with fresh Awear bags the evil eye because I think I have shopping withdrawals and I am at that stage where I growl at everything in my wardrobe because I have worn it a million and one-more-for-good-luck times. I can't wait!

Kiss kiss kiss


  1. um... this IS awesome! I swear I had something similar in middle school; but I think it said "Gitano" all over it. Yes!

  2. why not write an article for the fanzine about shopping. its everyones favorite hobby.

  3. Love the cardigan.. such a kooky and fun design! hey thanks for following..=) I love Bourjois products too, I've tried it in sephora but haven't gotten down to buying them hehe.=)

  4. your so lucky you got topshop! here in mexico we have no good stores. we only have american apparel, and I cant afford nothing. thats why i like vintage so much.


  5. That is such a cool top!
    I could really use those at the museum I 'work' at... I can't remember the other people's name who work there >:
    Great find!


  6. that's so cool!!!

  7. these are incredible... what a brilliant design.

    xx from san francisco.

    alex and amy

  8. Saw you love Bourjois lipstick - me too! Unfortunately it's become near impossible to get in the States. (I had to import it from China!)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Amazing!! I want a name jumper now :D


  10. this is such a CUTE BLOG!!
    i love the sweater I really want one now!
    shall we follow eachother?
    check out my blogs!

  11. i only use the word "bonanza" with shopping.....when i've found bags full of fantastic bargains!